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€15.00 - €60.00


The Aclima WoolShell is a highly technical garment made from merino wool. It is worn as a second or third layer.

It is warm, slightly cut off from the wind, rain and snow.


Combined with a WoolNet underneath, you get an efficient duo for intense activities in very cold weather or when it rains. We use it a lot when hiking with a big backpack because it is not afraid of friction and provides good thermal insulation without excess heat.


The WoolShell is made up of a smooth outer face and a fleece inner face. This provides immediate and gentle heat. Moisture is transferred to the outside. The clothing is elastic enough to follow movements well.


We use the WoolShell a lot during intense activity in cold and / or humid conditions. We also use it at the bivouac in static. In this case, we put a WoolNet layer and a HotWool layer underneath. Over the WoolShell we put on a windproof and waterproof layer.


Made in Europe.

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