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The Aclima WoolNet is a very technical merino wool base layer. It is worn as a first layer.

This underwear provides great thermal insulation, efficient perspiration wicking and protects against condensation from a hiking jacket, for example.


The WoolNet is made like a net. Thermal insulation is created by holes between the meshes. What could be better than air to insulate? The evacuation of perspiration is facilitated by these same holes. It is the second layer that will absorb moisture.


As a result, the body remains much drier. There is no wet t-shirt effect against the skin. You know, when you take off a backpack and the cold t-shirt gets stuck on your back ...


The WoolNet is our favorite underwear for strenuous activities. We also use it at the bivouac, when we are not moving, to keep warm. We highly recommend it for sleeping in a sleeping bag when you want to gain a few degrees of comfort.


Made in Europe.

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