Hilleberg Tent Bag 58 x 20 XP
  • Hilleberg Tent Bag 58 x 20 XP

Hilleberg Tent Bag 58 x 20 XP

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While our various stuff bags are sized for our poles, pegs, and, of course, our tents, they are also ideal for organizing your gear. Our peg bag is great for holding toiletries or other small essentials, and our larger bags, although sized for our tents, are ideal for your spare clothes, cooking gear, food or the like.

Peg bags are available only in black, and in our sturdiest XP fabric. Standard pole bags come in green or red, while the burlier XP pole bag is only available in black. Standard and XP tent bags in all sizes come in green, red and sand, come in five sizes, and have a round, sewn-in bottom. The XP versions have a sewn-in handle, as well.

Red Label and Yellow Label tents (except the Enan) and the Altai Basic UL are shipped with standard bags, while Black Label tents and the Atlas Basic and Altai Basic XP come with XP tent bags.


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