Hilleberg - Reflective Cord 3 mm x 25 m

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Reflective Cord 3 mm x 25 m

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Our Reflective Cord, which is designed using our proprietary 3 mm Guy Line as a guide, has the same “interwrap” construction that interweaves remarkably strong Vectran fiber longitudinally with polyester, but adds a 1 mm reflective thread to the mix. Like our standard Guy Line, the Reflective Cord has no sheath to slip, near zero stretch, minimal water absorption, an easy-to-handle soft feel, high UV resistance, and the same impressive 80 kg (176 lb) breaking strength. It is, however, about 30 g (1 oz) heavier per 25 m. • 3 mm x 25 m (82 ft) • 164 g (5.8 oz) •


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